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Verax NMS & APM can be installed using: Windows installer, Linux installer or a virtual machine (VM) image. A brief comparison of all three packages is presented below:

  Windows installer Linux installer VM image
Supported operating system Windows Linux
(CentOS/RedHat Enterprise, Debian, Ubuntu)
VMware Player, VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V,
Citrix Xen, Oracle VirtualBox, KVM
32-bit Yes No No
64-bit Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server support Yes Yes N/A
Oracle support Yes Yes N/A
Bundled Oracle XE Yes No Yes
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Item Description Version Compatibility

Windows Installer

Size:  793  MB
Released on: 2016-05-12


One-click Windows installer working with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

If a running Oracle or SQL Server cannot be used, the installer also provides a bundled, free Oracle Express database.

After the installation, the default administrator login credentials are "admin" (login) and "pass" (password).

Release notes
Microsoft Windows XP or higher, 32 or 64 bit versions (Professional Edition is required in case of Windows XP)

Linux Installer

Size:  536  MB
Released on: 2016-05-12


UNIX installer with bundled Java and Apache Tomcat. A running Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database is required.

After the installation, the default administrator logincredentials are "admin" (login) and "pass" (password).

Release notes

Linux (CentOS/RedHat Enterprise, Debian, Ubuntu)

VMware virtual machine

Size:  2940  MB
Released on: 2016-05-12


A VMware Player image with a pre-installed 64-bit CentOS 6 Linux, free Oracle Express database, NMS & APM and Service Desk.

All system passwords (including Linux root, Oracle database, etc.) are set to "nms". NMS & APM, Service Desk and Administrator Console login is "admin" (username) and "pass" (password).

Please refer to this README for information on virtual machine setup, URLs and other configuration details.

Release notes

A free VMware Player (version 3.0 or later) or a compatible VMware product.

Please use the following links for conversion instructions to:

Extended evaluation key

Verax NMS & APM is ready to run and comes with the initial license for 10 monitored elements.
If you wish to test it in a larger environment or in a multi-site scenario request an extended evaluation
license key. The key wil be delivered to you via e-mail within one working day.

Commercial license

Commercial license for Standard Edition starts at $990. Please contact sales at

Multi-language support

The installation packages above have English and German languages enabled. Please contact us for availability of other language packs.