Customer Care & Billing

Customer Care & Billing

Single Pane of Glass

Integrate the key areas of customer care, service catalog, on-line ordering and billing into a single product.

Rapidly Launch New Services

Activate new prepaid and postpaid services in minutes and provide easy on-line ordering for your customers.

Keep Customers Satisfied

Delight your customers with flexible offer segmentation and personalized product bundles.

Self Care Portal

Generate more cross-selling opportunities with fully customizable customer portal and on-line ordering.

Automate Billing Process

Cut invoicing costs by saving time and increasing accuracy with a fully automated billing process.

Simplify Tax Calculation

Ensure accuracy with advanced tax calculation engine and multi-currency support.

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Verax Customer Care & Billing: Account details view
  • Post-sale CRM.
  • Unlimited account hierarchy.
  • Custom pricing, promotions, discounts for individual account at any level in the hierarchy.
  • Ability to handle both single or multiple contracts per customer with various terms and conditions.
  • Full contracts change history.
  • Automatic contract renewal.
  • Full financial data - invoices, payments, accounting operations.
  • Accounts ageing process - notifications, automatic service suspension and termination.
  • User-defined account and contract life-cycle with ability to trigger actions in 3rd party systems.
  • History of customer-related incidents (from Verax Service Desk).
  • Grouping accounts by multiple factors e.g. credit class, billing batch, geographical region.
  • Self Care Portal access management.
  • Attachments - internal and exposed via Self Care Portal.
  • Full account history.
  • Build-in import and export.feature (customers, contracts, invoices etc.).
  • Metrics calculation (MRR, TCV) both on account and contract level.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support.
Verax Customer Care & Billing: Product details view
  • Business and supporting services inventory.
  • Multiple rate plans and cost plans per service support.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Various charges model support e.g. flat fee, per unit, tier, volume.
  • Product and rate plans segments by various factors: geographical region, credit class.
  • Product hierarchy, bundles and dependencies management.
  • Additional, user-defined product provisioning information.
  • User-defined product and rate plans life-cycle with ability to trigger actions in 3rd party systems.
  • Configurable max subscription time limit per rate plan.
  • Configurable max usage limit per rate plan.
  • Full change history.
Verax Customer Care & Billing: Invoices view
  • Retrieval of usage data (UDRs/CDRs) from various sources.
  • In advance or in areas charge calculation.
  • Customizable invoice templates with summary data only, or with detailed line-item data.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Customizable payment terms.
  • Build-in taxation module (GST, VAT) with tax exempt feature.
  • Ability to use 3rd party tax engine.
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled bill process runs.
  • Automatic invoices delivery (e-mail, SMS).
  • Various bill process configuration: include particular charge type only, particular bill batch, particular billing day or even particular accounts.
Verax Customer Care & Billing: Customized self care portal
  • Customer self-management of:
    • General personal information.
    • Contracts overview.
    • Invoices (due and past invoices and current account balance, etc.).
    • Issues - current and past with full incident history, etc. - available with Verax Service Desk.
  • On-line ordering of additional products and services.
  • Fully customizable - a framework with configurable styles (CSS), layouts (HTML) and graphics.
  • Secure, standalone application separated from rest of the customer care and billing.
Verax Customer Care & Billing: Customer equipment inventory
  • Customer equipment (CE) inventory with current status, active and past alarms, availability and outage history (from Verax NMS & APM).
  • Voucher management for generating, distributing and tracking various types of vouchers, such as scratch cards, authorization codes, bonus packages, etc.
  • Sites and circuits.
  • Management of resellers and service providers.
  • Service address for provisioning and network planning.
  • Most popular products and rate plans.
  • MRR and TCV change over last week, last month, last year.
  • Most unpopular products and rate plans.
  • Number of customers added/removed this week, month, quarter, year.
  • Average revenue per user last year.
  • Amount invoiced/collected this month, last month, quarter, semi-annual, year.
  • Generation of reports in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats.
  • Graphically designed report templates.
  • Scheduled report generation times (e.g. every Friday at 5 PM).
  • Configurable report retention times.
  • Automatic report distribution via email to the configured user groups.
  • An easy to use Web 2.0 application.
  • Advanced data filtering with user-defined, persistent filter configurations.
  • User configurable selection of visible/hidden columns.
  • Text search capable of searching not only in a database but also in attachments such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files.
  • CSV imports and exports for subscribers, products and other items.
  • On-line help.

Commercial: Linux, Windows XP (Professional edition only), Windows Vista (Home or Professional), Windows 7 (Home or Professional), Windows 8 (Home or Professional), Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Open source: Linux and Open Solaris.

Commercial: Oracle (version 10 or higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher).

Free: Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Any modern web browser including: Internet Explorer (9 and higher), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.

As Internet Explorer 9 is not available on Windows XP, another browser (e.g. Firefox) has to be used instead.

Please contact us for information on CPU, RAM and disk requirements for your installation.