Database Load Simulator

Verax Database Load Simulator is a command line stress test tool written in the Java programming language that can be used to generate high database loads by executing SQL queries for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. The simulator can be used to test database performance or (more often), application performance when its database is under high load.


  • Support for any SQL/JDBC-aware database (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL tested)
  • Command line controlled operation mode including:
    • Database connection parameters, login and password
    • Number of threads to be run in parallel
    • Number of operations to be run in each thread
    • Looping and delay between loops
  • 100% Java application running on any Java-enabled operating system including Windows and Linux

file iconVerax Database Load Simulator User Guide


The software is provided for "as is", free of charge, with no warranty and no support (the license agreement is provided in the software).
For a commercial license and support please contact sales at