SNMP Agent Simulator

Verax SNMP Agent Simulator enables simulation of multiple SNMP v1/v2c agents on a single host. It allows saving money by rapid building of simulated networks without purchasing additional hardware. Each agent runs on the standard SNMP 161 port, with a different IP address assigned via multi-netting. Agents' responses can be loaded from bundled configuration files or collected from real devices using SNMP-walk, and can be modified at runtime by user-defined rules.

Key features

Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Simulated devices view
  • Cross-platform, SNMP Agent Simulator can be run on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris or Amazon Cloud
  • Unlimited number of simulated agents and networks on a single host
  • Support for SNMP GET and SET (with the ability to set community string)
  • Text console and a web-based GUI for simulator management
  • Ability to run multiple agents in a single JVM
  • Full control over agent's behavior, instances and counter rates
  • Ability to create device topology maps
  • Dynamic value generation (random or formula based)
  • APIs for user defined integration (CLI-based)
  • Ability to generate simulated devices from scripts (CLI-based)
  • Log of SNMP requests

Dynamic simulation

  • Rich set of rules for modifying agent responses including:
    • Generation of random MAC and IP addresses, including advanced scenarios like randomizing only a part of the address (e.g. network part of an IP address is fixed, the host part varies)
    • Random integer, counter and string value generation, including "one time" or "each time" scenarios
    • Support for integer arithmetic operations (e.g. return value based on a sum of two other values, etc.)
    • Trend based value generation (direction, step range, reset threshold value, etc.), e.g. for increasing counters

Templates library

  • SNMP response configuration files compatible with snmpwalk command output for easy creation of initial simulated agent responses from existing devices
  • Over 20 preconfigured response files for simulating devices, including:
    • Workstations and servers (Windows Server, Windows Server 2008, Linux, SunOS, HP-UX )
    • Cisco IOS devices (routers, switches, firewalls, access points)
    • HVAC devices (Emmerson UPS and AC devices)
    • Generic SNMP devices (routers, switches, printers)
    • Juniper devices (routers, switches, firewalls)
    • IP security cameras (IQEye camera)
    • BroadSoft Network and Web Servers

For detailed information about features and usage please refer to the following guides:

Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Device types view
Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Adding new simulated devices
Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Device types summary view
Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Simulating Cisco routers
Verax SNMP Agent Simulator: Adding a new simulated device type
  • Linux: 32 or 64 bit distributions including: SuSE, RedHat Enterprise and Debian
  • Windows: 32 or 64 bit including: XP*, Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and higher
  • Java 1.6 or higher installed
  • 128 MB of RAM (minimum, the actual size depends on the number of simulated SNMP agents)
  • A network adapter with a fixed TCP/IP address
  • Any modern web browser including: Internet Explorer (9 and higher), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others for web GUI access

* As Internet Explorer 9 is not available on Windows XP, another browser (e.g. Firefox) has to be used instead.

Verax SNMP Agent Simulator commercial licenses Price
Base license (per instance) $199
per simulated agent fee (unlimited OIDs) $1
Volume discounts and unlimited licenses Request a quote

* (all prices excluding taxes)