Verax Management Agent

Verax Management Agent is an optional software agent running standalone on managed hosts, providing additional monitoring capabilities on behalf of Verax NMS & APM in situations when:

  • Host standard agent is unavailable, or a custom agent is required
  • Host standard agent does not provide all the required management information
  • Monitoring of private networks behind firewalls is required, when port forwarding or VPN is not available
  • Performance data has to be collected locally for precise end-user-experience monitoring
  • Performance data has to be collected locally due to security reasons or license limitations
  • Data collection continuity is required, regardless of network connectivity to the NMS


Verax NMS & APM: Performance data retrieved from the Verax Management Agent
  • Lightweight (written in C and C++) with minimal disk and memory requirements
  • Support for many types of sensors and performance counters (e.g. shell, JMX, ODBC and others)
  • Rich library of predefined sensors and counters
  • Full control over performance data collection such as polling intervals, execution timeouts, thread pool and others
  • Agent-initiated connection establishment with firewall traversal
  • Embedded, password protected, secure HTTPS server for agent management
  • Watchdog and self-diagnostics ensuring agent health
  • Automatic discovery by Verax NMS & APM
  • Sensors and performance counter charts fully visualized in Verax NMS & APM
  • Configuration GUI in Verax NMS & APM
  • Running as a background daemon (or a Windows service), or in the interactive, command line mode
Verax NMS & APM: Agent management GUI

Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

Verax Management Agent SDK contains source code enabling easy development of custom functionalities and porting to new operating systems.

System requirements

  • Linux: 32- and 64-bit distributions including: Debian, CentOS/RedHat, SuSE and others
  • Windows: any 32- and 64-bit XP and higher
  • UNIX Systems: FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and others