Verax Workflow

Verax Workflow

Automate and track execution of business processes

Elegant way of integrating systems, applications and people

Verax Workflow: Management GUI
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Verax Workflow is a complete BPM (Business Process Management) application enabling uniform, manageable and process-oriented integration of IT systems, applications, and people.

Designed for telco and IT services & applications, Verax Workflow allows service providers and enterprises to tie their applications and services into repeatable, consistent, end-to-end process flows.

Verax Workflow can integrate a multitude of IT systems supporting service-oriented architectures and open standards (e.g. web services, XML, J2EE) for rapid development of process automation and orchestration procedures such as disaster recovery, service provisioning, activation, automated network management and others.

Verax Workflow enables seamless, out-of-the-box integration with NMS, Service Desk and other Verax applications for rapid and cost effective development of process automation flows.

  • Automate business processes for increased efficiency, error reduction and consistent performance.
  • Update business processes easily and enable incremental roll-out according to business needs through GUI-driven versioning, deployment and rollback.
  • Gain better visibility into business process performance through execution tracking and reporting.
  • Interconnect disparate systems using J2EE, XML, Web services and other industry standards.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Verax applications for building IT automation, disaster recovery, provisioning and other scenarios.

Workflow Engine

Verax Workflow: Editing process flow with the Eclipse GUI
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The workflow engine is based on the industry standard jBPM engine allowing to execute business processes defined by the OMG BPMN 2.0 specification featuring:

  • Execution of advanced business logic featuring conditional expressions, loops, parallel flows branching, sub-flow decomposition, rendezvous and more.
  • Deployment of new rules, versioning and rollback capabilities.
  • Transaction integrity enforcement, restart awareness, rollbacks and checkpointing.

Workflow Manager

Verax Workflow: Deployment history view
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Verax Workflow Manager is a GUI front-end for controlling the Workflow Engine featuring:

  • Management of deployed process modules (collections of workflows) including deployment history, current versions, manual and scheduled execution, rollback and others.
  • Detailed execution history for each workflow along with:
    • Completion status code (success, failure)
    • Execution start time, end time and duration
    • Input, output and exception data
    • Detailed history log of performed activities
    • Detailed history of workflow variable changes and others
  • Strong security mechanisms including user execution context, access rights and privileges, audit and security log.

Designing process flows

Verax Workflow process flows can be designed in the industry standard Eclipse GUI or written directly as XML files (for advanced users).

Verax Workflow: Management GUI
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Verax Workflow: Deployment history view
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Verax Workflow: Execution history view
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Verax Workflow: Workflow details view
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Verax Workflow: Editing process flow with the Eclipse GUI
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Commercial: Linux, Windows XP (Professional edition only), Windows Vista (Home or Professional), Windows 7 (Home or Professional), Windows 8 (Home or Professional), Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Open source: Linux and Open Solaris.

Commercial: Oracle (version 10 or higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher).

Free: Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Verax Workflow runs on any web browser supporting Adobe Flash version 9 or higher, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.

Please contact us for information on CPU, RAM and disk requirements for your installation.

Please contact us for a detailed quote on license and optional services and support for your installation.